Lessons learnt from fighting a fire

7th Mar 2019

Dr Manning, Managing Director at LMIGroup and one of the industry’s foremost insurance figuresrisk and loan assessors, literally wrote the book (or in this case, 17 books) on the insurance and risk mitigation measures you can take to help prote... more details

Why Your Business Needs Cyber Insurance

11th Feb 2019

Many SME owners believe that they don’t have to worry too much about cyber crime. After all, why would Internet villains bother with small fry when they could go after heavy hitters such as Yahoo, eBay or Uber? Unfortunately, cyber criminals t... more details

5 tech-savvy ways to prevent tools being stolen

9th Jan 2019

Visit any worksite and at least one tradie will be able to regale a yarn of a time they had their tools nicked from the back of the ute, swiped on-site or mistakenly carried off by a contractor. Stolen tools are more than a mere inconvenience &ndash... more details